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first post [Sep. 7th, 2008|02:36 pm]
Gotham Fiction: Batman Begins Fan Fiction


[Current Mood |creative]

*waves* Hello, I'm new here... I come with fanfic!

(if not allowed, feel free to delete)

Title: The Odd Couple
Characters/Pairings: not really a pair, it's Joker and Scarecrow
Rating: T (strong language)
Genre: Humor/Friendship
Universe: Nolan-verse.
Summary: Jonathon Crane's house has been invaded by the Joker's presence. Poor Jonathon must learn to live with the clown's antics while analyzing his new roommate's interesting mind.
Disclaimer: I do not own Batman or any characters in the Batman universe. Batman, Scarecrow, Joker, and all characters, names, and places related to it belong to its creators.
(Please be brutally honest with reviews; tell me why you like/hate it, please! I'd like to get better!)

Jonathon Crane was running late. He was never late. His schedule now was as it always was; wake up at 6:30 in the morning, shower and dress, eat, and be out the door by 7:00. That was how it was every morning for five years.

However, with the arrival of his new "roommate" (Crane only referred to him as this because he lacked a better word), that whole schedule was thrown out the window.

The Joker knocked on his door three weeks after they escaped from Arkham, barged in, and announced that he was going to be staying there since he had no other lodgings. Before Crane could object, he had offered to bring in people for use as test subjects. Of course, Crane could always use new test subjects, and since Joker offered, why not?

Lately, however, poor Jonathon felt he was being influenced by his new roommate's lifestyle. For one thing, he no longer showered every day, which left his usually beautifully clean hair oily and greasy, like Joker's hair. Another thing he noticed was the change in his sleeping schedule. Late nights he could handle, but staying up until his alarm clock went off at 6:30 was another matter entirely. He also noticed that his diet had changed. His refrigerator, which normally consisted of fruit, vegetables, and tea (to stimulate the mind), now held an assortment of caffeinated sodas and meat. Crane, being a vegetarian, couldn't stand it; however, he had lost that argument. Joker was a stubborn little prick when he wanted to be.

The one thing he didn't understand was why he was running late. Joker understood punctuality as well; in fact, that may have been the only good quality about him. No matter what, he was on time. 

So why was Crane, who had kept the same damn schedule for five years, who had gotten a reasonable amount of sleep the night before, who got up with plenty of time to follow his normal morning routine, running out the door at 7:30?

Damn it all, he had suppliers to meet! They did not like to be kept waiting!

As he was stowing cash into his briefcase, he realized he was missing something. "Damn it all! Where's my mask??" he shouted.

From the couch, Joker startled awake and yawned. "Good God, Crane, what's with the yelling?" he complained. He usually never woke up until around noon.

"Joker, help me find my mask!"



"Ok, ok, keep your pants on", Joker grumbled as he pulled himself into a sitting position. Cracking his neck he looked over. "It's on the kitchen table", he grumbled.
Crane looked down, and saw his mask was right next to his briefcase.

"Asshole", Joker mumbled before lying down again.

"Shut up! Ah, damn it, I'm late!!" He shouted as he bolted out the door.

Joker sighed and got back up, walked over to the kitchen table and picked up Crane's car keys. "Three, two, one..." He looked at the door just as Crane burst in and threw the keys at him. Crane nodded 'thanks' before rushing off again.

Joker laughed quietly and looked at the clock. It read 7:32.

Then he looked at his watch. It read 7:00.

"Right on time", he chuckled. It was so much fun to jerk Jonathon's chain. Of course Jonathon would turn on his car, check the clock on the radio, and realize he'd been duped. But until then, Joker could kick back and relax, and enjoy that warm, wonderful feeling he always got when he pulled a prank on his roommate.

Hey, Crane was asking for it. He really needed to lighten up sometimes.
Reviews and criticism is more than welcome! I can post the next chapter up later, if you'd like...
Thanks for your time!