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There Is Nothing To Fear... [Jan. 17th, 2012|01:24 am]
Gotham Fiction: Batman Begins Fan Fiction


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Hiya. This is a quick hello before I post here for the FIRST time. Exciting, huh? I see I may be a little late to the party, but never mind. I'm sure I can get by, and maybe draw some interest back up here! FS


CHARACTER(S): Johnathan Crane,(/&-?) Scarecrow
WARNINGS: Swearing, mentions of violence, hints of mental illness (you can't avoid it in a Batman fic, I'm afraid. But rest assured as a pharmacy student the matter is treated seriously). There are obviously spoilers for Batman Begins and probably anything to do with Scarecrow in the DC Universe, but unlike my Joker fics I've mainly taken him from the film so yeah. Why would you even be looking if you hadn't seen it? Hmm?
RATING: Um, 15? I'll stick with what the film is at, I think. Although other than the mild swearing (don't think I did an f-bomb) and the dark imagery it should be fine. I don't like rating under 15, anyway, feels like I'm not doing my job properly. But you should be 14 to get on here anyway unless you LIED to LJ, and in which case, shame on you.
DISCLAIMER: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight nor the DC comics, cartoons and non-Nolan based films don't in any way, shape or form belong to me. But my words do, and my idea of how Crane managed to do what he did is entirely my own (I haven't actually read a comic with him in yet, other than the Arkham Asylum one, and he doesn't exactly have a speaking part!)
A/N: This came to me this evening while I was revising chemistry. I've tried to be as factually accurate as possible with references to medicines, pharmacology and physiology (*cough*pharmacy student*cough*) but it is late and this is fiction so if I've messed something up then I'm claiming no responsibility coz it int real. There is some science jargon, but once you get past that it goes into a proper story, so please excuse it. You know it's what Johnny would do, anyway. (This is a long start to a fic. I'll shut up now.)
SUMMARY: The start of Jonathan's slide into super-villainy, with a little help from Scarecrow and a lot of help from a compound he's synthesized... 

...Other Than Fear Itself.