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Viral Fanfiction [Jun. 5th, 2008|10:28 am]
Gotham Fiction: Batman Begins Fan Fiction


Okay, So...I'm surprised more people haven't been writing ARG fanfiction.

Because in essence it is kind of/sort of a big fanfiction and uh...The tidbits they are giving us! The tidbits! Anyway, these two are dedicated to the people who've been playing. I'm jealous. Srsly.

Title: Viral
Fandom: Batman/Nolanverse
Characters/Pairings: Jim Gordon has the main POV, but there’s also Bruce and Harvey.
Rating: R for language
Summary: The Alternate Reality Game for the blockbuster summer film “Cat Man: The Long Night” hits Gotham City. “Viral campaign meant it was spreading, that it could spread, and Gotham was sick enough, it didn’t need anything like this.”
Notes: ARG games are fun, but they scare me.

They scare me because of all the people who put on costumes and makeup and fake stickers on their cars. They scare me more because I do it too-but that’s beside the point. I understand that it’s all in good fun and I honestly don’t think that a studio would ask people to do some of the things that these guys do.

Anyway. Dedicated with tons of love to everyone who got swag (and hopefully there will be more so I can get some) and has played so far in the TDK campaign. We fans are scary, but it’s a good kind of scary.


They called it a viral campaign. Jim Gordon didn't like the sound of that, Viral meant that it was spreading, had spread, and Gotham was Sick enough. She didn't need this.

Title: Six o’clock News
Fandom: Batman/Nolanverse
Characters/Pairings: Harvey Dent, Mary Brietup, and Frank Nataro.
Summary: They say that Harvey Dent did his best to save Mary Brietup but she ended up dead with Frank Nataro responsible. To Harvey Dent there were only two ways it could have gone. ARG Fiction.
Notes: This is along the lines of “Black, White, and Gray”, another fic I wrote to kinda…I dunno-flesh out my feelings about the ARG. This is an incredibly powerful idea and I’d love for someone to carry it to the full flex-y’know, it’s full potential.

I also really y’know, think this personifies where Nolanverse Harvey is coming from. Is he a killer? Is he a Hero? Speculations still out on that. Nolan said they’re taking a different approach to two-face, and I for one am incredibly excited about where that might go!

(Note: …This is Document number 22 on my computer. Coincidence? XD

Two options. A killer and a Dead Man, a Hero and a broken criminal. He knew which one he liked, which one he wanted. The question was-would Nataro be accommodating?