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"You either die a hero or live to see yourself become the villian." - Gotham Fiction [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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"You either die a hero or live to see yourself become the villian." [May. 7th, 2008|03:46 pm]
Gotham Fiction: Batman Begins Fan Fiction


Hi, I'm Ramen, and I bring FIC. It's Nolanverse Harvey Dent fic (because honestly, honestly? Joker is ultimate love but damn-the other characters need love too!) with Rachel, and Bruce. It's broody, it's emo, it might be slightly porny-but here's hoping you enjoy! I'll clear myself off a shelf-nest kids. Thanks!

Also- Ah-if you see any grammar issues? Or things like that g'head and point um out. I'm looking for betareaders. (any volunteers? :D!)

Title: Manchurian Candidate.
Fandom: Batman Begins/Nolanverse Batman
Characters/Pairings: Hooray for ARG and/or viral marketing campaigns. Lynnette Dent (There’s an angle I sure as hell didn’t see coming!) Harvey and Rachel Dawes. Definite Harvey/Rachel with an emphasis on HARVEY/RACHEL, Bruce/Rachel
Summary: A routine campaign stop brings Lynnette Dent, mother of Gotham City’s best and brightest District Attorney into contact with Rachel Dawes-a woman her son has fallen for-to his misfortune.

…We’ve only seen the trailer and what the ARG has to offer and I think I can honestly say that-at least to me-avid movie watcher and fan that I am-a major factor in Harvey’s conversion to Two-Face is probably going to be something going south with Rachel Dawes. Love triangles (and possibly the BEST OT3 IN THE HISTORY OF OT3) always end badly if two of the people involved have a previous relationship and or childhood interaction.

So. D’aww. Rated for massive amounts of D’aww.

Plus, I wanted to explore a possible Nolan verse idea for how Harvey got that damn coin. It plays a key part in “The Long Halloween” I can just hear Lynnette screaming about not wanting the kid to get a damn psychological attachment to the thing. ( I also keep running shades of the line from “No Country for Old Men” through this)

Every Mother wants to be proud of her Son no matter what he does

Title: Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me
Fandom: Batman Begins/Nolanverse Batman
Rating: R to NC-17 for sexual descriptions.
Characters/Pairing: I’m committing a grave and unholy sin here in writing this (well no, not really BUT), but the idea is too good to pass up. There’s a horrible OT3 in Rachel/Bruce/Harvey that I…sort of wanted to explore. So. Assume from here on out the pairings are as follows: …Rachel/Bruce/Harvey. Hate me or love me, this idea would NOT GO AWAY.

POST-FILM. (Potentially) Rachel Dawes and Bruce Wayne remember their friend, their lover, their partner, and their ally. It’s a pity that a man with so many faces only settled on two to decide who he was.
Notes: This was inspired by a track from Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill 3 soundtrack. Titled (You guessed it) Never forgive me, Never Forget me. The man, is a god. plain and simple.

The police were hauling their former leader, the hailed white knight of gotham away in chains. Two face catches Bruce with the good side of his face, his eyes full of sadness. "Never Forgive me."

Bruce is dying inside, it feels as though his insides are curling in on themselves, writhing-throbbing in pain.

"Never forget me."

Batman stirs to ease Bruce's pain, eyes hard in the dark, "No one will District Attorney Dent. No one will."

Title: Tethers
Fandom: Batman (Nolan films) The Dark Knight
Rating: PG-13 for some language, a few F’bombs, but it’s mostly clean.
Characters/Pairings: Bruce/Rachel, Rachel/Harvey.
Summary: Tethers between the hearts are a fragile thing. Rachel Dawes meets the new DA in a one-on-one basis while reminiscing about the last time she spoke to Bruce.

With the new trailer we have all the characters introduced (Scary Joker, Stoic Bruce, Humorous Alfred, Serious Rachel, and sympathetic Harvey Dent) which of course requires trailerfic.

Now honestly? If I were Christopher Nolan? I’d be looking at this and saying “LOVE TRIANGLE” because there’s always a love triangle. In the long Halloween it was a…person triangle between Gordon, dent, and Batman In this case, I think one of the driving factors behind the Bat this time will be a love triangle (especially if the “I’m dating Harvey Dent” scenes are apparently accurate) weather Rachel’s doing this to make Bruce go, “OMG I CANNOT BE BATMANS I HAVE A WOMANS I NEED TO SMEX” or because she’s genuinely interested in Harvey-chances are Two-Face is gonna be a means to an end. Eckhart himself has hinted at this. “YOU WON’T LOVE ME, THAT’S FINE, I’LL BE UGLY ALL BY MYSELF AND SCREW YOU BOTH!”

Which is, y’know sympathetic. AWW HARVEY. WE STILL LOVE YOU.

There are tethers pulling her in different directions. The man she loves, the city she defends, and the needs she has as a woman.